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Welcome to the Weston McEwen writing workshop webpage.  This page is set up to help students and parents analyze and work through the writing process for all subjects.  With the help of the English and Social Studies department at WMHS, students will have a tremendous resource to fall back on for essays, research papers, and skills necessary to be successful. It will teach proper research methods for all subjects with links and examples that will help students meet the requirements for graduation.  

However, the rich tradition at WMHS does not just meet the state standards, we excel past them.  To get our students ready for college requires us as teachers to work harder and smarter.  This site will demonstrate the proper collegiate way for the writing process.  There are numerous writing websites that students can use.  The purpose of this site is to be a spring board into the research process.

Not all students will go to college; however, all students need to be able to be literate.  Writing is more than just writing on a piece of paper.  It is a process which involves reading and understanding information.  This is the toughest challenge that any person has when it comes to becoming literate.  At WMHS our goal is to have each student leave our school with tools that will help them become successful in the future.  Literacy and writing are essential skills that will allow any WMHS graduate to be a productive member of society.

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